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I blog about only a handful of things.

Firstly books that I’ve read by myself and with my boys. Any books you want us to read, let me know on Twitter.

Secondly, I am building my gallery of unique words we come across in our reading adventures. They might be every day for you but not for me. I hope to build out my vocabulary and my arsenal of words in my stories. Please share your favourite new words with me on Twitter.

Thirdly you will find my stories and writings from all over the web out here.

Something new to come…

I’ve kept calendars for ‘this day in history’ over the years. Every now and again I add some new dates and events to the calendars. Starting August 2017 I will share on the first of every month events, birthdays, national days or whatever else I can find from history. If you have favourite sources you consult for interesting events throughout history, feel free to share.

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